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Thank you for making your way to this page, it means a lot to me that you would consider helping fund this journey we’re on!

As most people can understand making these weekly videos can start to get expensive, especially as I try to get to newer and better places. The money that you donate will be used to cover gas, provide a place to sleep while out and be put towards new equipment, all helping to provide you with better content. For more information on how the money will be used click here.

I want to make something clear from the beginning, the videos and photos I create will always be available to everyone, no content that I make will be locked behind a payment gate. The perks that come with the subscriptions are my way of saying thank you for the support.

Monthly Subscriptions


Monthly Subscription


  • Personal thank you letter
  • 5% off prints


Monthly Subscription


  • Personal thank you letter
  • 10% off prints


Monthly Subscription


  • Personal thank you letter
  • 10% off prints
  • Free Calendar*

*You will be eligible for a free calendar of the upcoming year after three consecutive months of subscription prior to Nov. 1 of this year

How It’s Used

One of the first things you’re probably wondering is how I plan on using the money that you donate. This section is meant to reassure you that your money is being handled responsibly and put to good use.

Since starting this journey to become a Professional Landscape photographer I’ve chosen to set myself up as a business rather than just a guy who likes taking photos. So, when you donate money your not just giving me money to spend on what ever I want, the money from donations, print sales and YouTube monetization all goes into a business account that is used specifically for expenses that occur in order to create the content you see on this site.


I’ve broken down the ways I plan to use the money into four categories,

Trip Expenses

This is every thing to do with getting out into the field and doing photography. Covering these costs is the most important to me because it will allow me to devote more time to photography.

-Gas to drive out to locations

-Hostel Bed, Campsite, or Backcountry Campsite fees

-Food, mainly coffee for the early mornings or a nice meal after days in the bush


Gear doesn’t make a good photographer but it sure does help in creating higher quality content. The items in the list below are long term goals but things that I think will help me improve my skills and create more interesting content.

Edelkrone Sliderone

Of all the gear I’m looking to buy this will probably make the quickest impact. This small but powerful device would let me add simple moments to make the videos more dynamic.

Edelkrone Sliderone – $680

Edelkrone Headone

Much like the slider this device would allow me to add more dynamic movements to the videos. The plan is to buy a set of two of these with a bracket so they can be used to pan and tilt.

Edelkrone Headone Bundle – $1,200

DJI Mavic Air

It goes with out saying that in this day and age people kind of expect drone footage in videos, but even with out the expectations I would love to be able to include some exciting footage of the areas I’m photographing.

DJI Mavic Air – $1,400

Nikon D850

I chose the Nikon D850 as my choice for a full frame upgrade from my current D5500 because I like the image quality and build of Nikon products. This is a long term goal but will be an amazing increase in quality.

Nikon D850 – $4,300

Nikon 24-27 f/2.8 Lens – $3,000


Lee Filter Kit

Lens filters can make for some amazing images, allowing you to capture the perfect lighting in camera and on location. This kit in specific comes with 4 different filter and a polarizer and are super high quality.

Lee 100x100mm Deluxe Resin Kit – $1,220

General Expenses

There are a lot of small things that have to come together to create the final product that you get to see. This category covers the cost of those small things.

-Adobe Creative Cloud subscription

-Website hosting and plugins

-Making products to sell
(paper, ink, shipping boxes, etc.)


The ultimate long term goal of all of this is to be able to make a living chasing my passion for photography.

After I’m able to cover all the expense involved in create awesome content I would like to be able to pay myself enough to live a comfortable life and put a little away for the future.

Long Term Goals

Each of these goals is a milestone towards becoming a full time Landscape Photographer.

The amounts shown come from total income not just donations, but I want to show you my plans and goals for the future.

$100 per month

This amount of money will make it possible to cover a two day trip out to Banff each month meaning I can shoot more photos and videos in an area that I find extremely inspiring!

$1000 per month

This amount would cover all the expense that come with creating a video every week of the month. At this stage I can confidently dedicate a week each month to creating content!

$3500 per month

Once we reach this amount, that’s it!

Photography will officially become my full time job and I will happily spend my days creating the best photography content I possibly can!


Ask Questions

I pride myself on being a very open and transparent person and I’ve tried to share as much information as possible regarding my business plans, but if you are concerned or interested in getting more info please email me and ask any questions you want.


Unsubscribe at any time

If you signed up using a paypal account click here

If you signed up with a credit card email me directly at info@morganhurst.ca, I will do my best to respond quickly but in the case where I am not able to end your subscription before it renews the amount will be refunded

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